Dungeon Royale Board Game

Created by Gatwick Games/Dungeon Royale!

A video game turned board game, first game "cartridge" of the series to come. Full of death, stealing, heroes and dragons. If you were late to the Kickstarter game, you can still pre-order the game until we begin fulfillment. The Classic Dungeon Royale (Grey Box) will no longer be available once pre-orders have ended.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Bad News Bear
2 days ago – Sat, Dec 07, 2019 at 01:54:53 AM


The “bear of bad news” has arrived🐻… and he’s waiting at the port once again😢. But as we’ve always done, we wanted to send an update as soon as we found out… even though it stinks.

Bad News Bear

We were told by our now frenemy Bian (our manufacturer) that ETA was on track for 12/5… what he didn’t tell us was that was the port arrival date. We’ll be having a very frank conversation with him soon: We paid extra to expedite the shipment so we could deliver to you on time, but the timeline we paid for did not match the timeline we were told by the freight forwarder once we got in touch with them.

And now our new friend Kevin the forwarder is telling us that it will take 12 days to go from the port in New York to our fulfillment center in NJ… 🤔🤯 This isn’t our 1st rodeo, we’ve never seen it take that long or had so many issues with a shipment so we’re still trying to understand why it will take so long and whether or not we can expedite the process.

If it’s helpful, here’s a visual of how head scratching this process has been🙉:

In summary, this will push our deadlines from the last update back almost 2 weeks. Which means it is unlikely your games will arrive before Christmas😭😭😭... for which we are very very sorry.

Sam’s Club

Which brings us to another item of business: Three of our games (including Dungeon Royale) were accepted into 57 road shows at Sam’s Club for 18 days in December. Those 57 Sam’s Club pallets were shipped in anticipation that your games would be in your hands, or at least be well on their way before they began sales in Sam’s. Our intention was for you all to be the first to receive the game, but given our agreement with Sam's Club that we have an obligation to honor, we wanted to notify you that those pallets will be arriving through the end of this week.

We also had an agreement with a distributor in Australia who would not have made the PO she did if she could not release the games to their retailers during the Christmas season. This was for a total of 230 games that we recently told her she could ship. It's unlikely any of you would stumble upon these games, but we only think it's fair to be fully transparent as to everything that is happening.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On the bright side, you will still enjoy exclusivity in your copies of the games. The games being sold in Sam’s Club and Australia will not have the minis, print #, or the digitally signed backer thank you note that will be included exclusively in the Kickstarter edition of the game.

Stay Tuned

We were hoping to have better news for you on this edition of the update but we will continue to keep you posted as the story develops. We have 12 total games (including expansions) and have submitted countless orders/shipments from China and never been through such a frustrating process, so the general tone of patience and support from our backers has meant a lot to us. You all really are the best! 👏👏👏

Thank you,

Wes and Brad

Backer Deadlines. URGENT UPDATE!!!
6 days ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 11:23:56 PM

Hello Again!

A few quick, but important items of business/Deadlines for TOMORROW Dec 3rd we'd like everyone to be aware of: 

1- Last Chance to update your shipping address!

If you've moved or would like your game to be shipped to a different address than you input in your survey  you have until TOMORROW Dec 3 AT MIDNIGHT MST to update that information!

How to update your address or CC info: Search your email (same one you use to log in to Kickstarter) for the following:

Sender Name: "Gatwick Games/Dungeon Royale!" Subject: "Reminder -- Response needed to deliver your reward for Dungeon Royale Board Game". Open the email and press the "Click Here to Respond" button in the email and update any relevant information.

NOTE: The physical units are already in route to our fulfillment center so we have locked orders and it is no longer possible to add/subtract items from your order.

2- CC Declines: Last chance to update your CC info!

We just charged cards for post Kickstarter Backerkit survey add-ons. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Kickstarter pledges were ALREADY charged 2 weeks after the campaign). As is always the case, some cards were declined. If you received an email that your credit card was declined, you'll need to update that BEFORE EOD TOMORROW (Dec 3rd) when we make another attempt at charging the remaining cards that were declined. See process above for finding the email w/ your unique survey link to update your cc info.

HURRY FAST before it's too late!

Much Love  💌

Wes and Brad

PS: We just got an update today that everything is still on track for the estimated delivery dates specified in our last update!! 🎉🎉

Shipping/Fulfillment Updates
18 days ago – Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 01:28:45 AM

Hi friends!

It's us again. Wanted to drop you a note and let you know how everything's coming along.

Shipping/Fulfillment Update

We'll start by cutting right to the chase. We received some less than friendly news from our friend Bian (DR Manufacturer from last episode) at the end of last week about the DR shipping timeline. Your games were actually shipped on October 21 as per the plan. So we thought we were golden... Out of the woods... Home Free... Surely nothing could stop us... except lots of other games, electronics, and toys, also hoping to make their journey home for Christmas... all at the same time.

In short, the games sat at the port waiting their turn for almost 3 weeks..... 

All the while we were smugly celebrating the certainty of pulling off our target November ship date.

So what now?

Here's the revised shipping timeline estimate:

November 9th- Games left the port

December 5th- Estimated arrival at our fulfillment center

December 12th- Estimated ship date (still working on confirming w/ our warehouse)

US Shipping: 3-5 business days

International Shipping: 4-9 business days


If you do the math, US shipments are currently looking like they'll arrive before Christmas (we'll hold off on the celebratory dance this time until it actually arrives). International shipments will be cutting it close. Either way we'll continue to keep you posted as developments arise.

A Thank You

You have all been incredibly patient and for that we are very grateful. We know it's common for Kickstarters to deliver late, but we REALLY REALLY wanted to match all of your awesomeness with an on-time delivery.

So as a thank you for your patience, we wanted to offer everyone a coupon for 50% off any of our games 🎉🎉. They make great stocking stuffers/Christmas gifts or fun family/party games for the upcoming family Christmas party.

You can find our games here

Enter Coupon Code "DRKICK01" at checkout. Expires Friday 11/22 (Please do not share this code widely)

For those of you who already ordered one of our other games through the Backerkit survey, reach out and we'll either adjust your pledge or give you another one of our games for free!


Brad & Wes

Updates, Updates and more Updates!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 10:37:13 PM

Fellow Dungeoners,

It’s update time again! Let’s just jump right in:

Round 2 of the Retro Handheld Series

Many of you have heard talk of another Retro Cartridge series game next year… Well, it’s all true. Your input through round 1 was INVALUABLE so there was no way we were gonna leave you out of round 2. For next year’s Kickstarter we wanted to keep all the retro handheld feels and throw it back to a go-cart style racing game… board game style. So we wanted to solicit  your ideas/thoughts on mechanics/gameplay of a game with that type of theme? Any favorite racing games you'd recommend us draw inspiration from?

3…. 2…. 1…. Go!!!😉

Manufacturing & Fulfillment Update

When we started production, we promised we’d fill you in if we hit any snags along the way. Well, despite our best efforts we did hit a very frustrating snag that will set us back a bit on fulfillment😢. However, good news is we’re still on track to ship by November so it shouldn’t set us back more than a few extra weeks.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill and satisfaction of delivering fun to people’s doorstep. It’s what keeps us energized through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. But it’s not always all butterflies and rainbows. So for those of you curious about what a day in the life of a board game creator is like, we wanted to give you a little inside scoop into some of the frustrations that come with the business.

For those who’ve been following our updates, you may be familiar with our ole’ friend Mina (our minis manufacturer). Wes and I have been like little kids on a road trip constantly asking “are we there yet?” And Mina had continued to assure us we were on track for beginning of October. Well.. they had to use a different glue that takes longer to dry and hit a few other snags and that threw off a whole chain of events/headaches that lead to Dungeon Royale being shipped from China a few weeks later than anticipated 😢🙈😔😭😫👎 (more on the minis below). 

We don’t share this to complain, it’s part of the job description and there’s no use crying over spilt milk. But we did want to give you an honest/transparent look into what it’s like being a game creator and be real about why your games will be arriving a few weeks later than anticipated. There was a moment where we thought we could still pull it off despite the delays, so we held off on sharing this prematurely, but now that we know it’ll be delayed we wanted to share the updated timeline:

Estimated Delivery Timelines

October 21- Production Completed & Games shipped

Nov 20- (+30 days for shipping Overseas) Games arrive at our KS Fulfillment partner in New Jersey.

Nov 27- (+7 days for prepping orders for shipment) Games begin shipping to you.

Dec 9-13- US games should begin arriving at your doorsteps.

Dec 16-20- International games should begin arriving at your doorsteps.

Once again we are very sorry for moving the delivery date of the games from late November to early-mid December, but on the bright side it does appear your games will arrive before Christmas!🎄🤶


The minis are almost finished, so we wanted to send along a preview of a few of the minis that our manufacturer sent along to us. It took a little back and forth but we’re pretty happy with how they’ve turned out:

Minis Preview

As far as the minis production timeline goes, everything is on track. BUT unfortunately we had to bite the bullet on extra shipping costs and do some shipping juggling to make the timelines work (ie. prevent risk of further delays) and that means we have to send the minis outside of the game box rather than inside. But don’t worry they still fit inside once you open it!

Updating Addresses/Adding to your Pledge

Backerkit surveys have still not yet been locked so you’re still able to use the same link that came in your email to update your address/add to/change your pledge. Because of the delays we’ve decided not to lock orders/charge cards yet. That will most likely happen around mid November now.

Essen Spiel

Any of you going to the Essen Spiel convention in Germany this month? If so hit us up! We’d love to meet you.

That’s a wrap for this edition in the adventures of Dungeon Royale manufacturing so make sure to tune in next time for the next (hopefully less eventful… 😉) update!

Much love! 💌

Wes and Brad

PNPs are on the way! And other Updates
3 months ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 01:28:46 AM

Hi Friends! It’s update time again and we have some exciting news for you!

The Print and Play is done and the emails have begun sending!

It may take some time to send them all, but if you don’t receive an email with a download to your respective PNP in the next 48 hours reach out to us and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.


Who Gets the PNP?

If you’ve ordered a hard copy of the game you will get the PNP file that corresponds to your hard copy. Eg. if you selected a tier that includes the Dungeon Royale or Dungeon Royale classic games, you’d receive the PNP for the base game. However, you would only receive the expansion Print and Play if you also ordered the Solo/Co-op Expansion deck of cards. And of course, if you selected a tier that only included the PNP you will receive the PNP for your respective selection.

Extra Characters

If you selected the extra characters as an add-on you'll soon be enjoying the 3 additional, exclusive characters + all of their additional powers (not included in the base game). These were also just sent out with the other PNPs.

Production Updates

After many back and forths and late nights we're like this🤞 with our friend Bian (our DR manufacturer) and he continues to ensure us that they are on track for a beginning of October shipment, which would put us right where we need to be to deliver your games on time!! The time is nearing and we're getting antsy to get these games out to you!

Minis Update & Sneak Peek

We checked in the other day with our friend Mina (our minis manufacturer), who has also informed us that she is ON TRACK to meet our deadline for production of the minis. 🎉

As far as the minis themselves go, we wanted to be transparent about what the journey has looked like over the past couple weeks (it's been quite the adventure). This is our first foray into minis manufacturing and we've gone through a lot of stress worrying about Mina's ability to produce the pixelated mini according to our high standards.

The quote we received for double sided minis increased the cost by over 50%, and we were trying to decide whether or not to go that direction as the minis were already a bit more than we had budgeted for. In the end, we reflected on how much we really, really have appreciated all you've done to support us as our very first group of Kickstarter backers, so we made the decision to bite the bullet and pay extra to go double sided.

Draft 1: Next, Mina sent us these minis samples. This picture doesn't take much explaining to see why our hearts sank when we first received it:

I mean, come on Mina.... You just printed the design on a flat surface, which did not at all reflect what we gave her in our design file. Draft 2: So we explained that it needed to be 3d, and our hearts sank once again when she showed us the next round of samples:

Ok appreciate the effort Mina, but these look dirty, the materials don't look great, the design is different than our files, and dimensions don't look quite right. Draft 3: So we asked her for another round of samples. And this is what we got:

Ok we're making progress Mina, these are finally starting to match our design files, but many of the parts look dirty/burnt. Draft 4: So we once again expressed our concerns and received images of the following samples:

Getting really close Mina, but let's keep this PG rated; blondie may be a little inappropriate for our younger audience🙈. Not to mention many of the details are clearly missing (eyes, clothes, etc), and some of the colors look a little burnt. Latest draft: So we expressed our concerns for the 4th time and just yesterday we received this image as an update on where they are in the manufacturing process:

As you can see, it's still missing a few of the details. We wish Mina would have shared how they planned to address any deviations to our design files before moving forward, but to Mina's credit, she has come a long way from when we first met her. She then expressed her concern that the smaller details were very difficult to cut, assemble, and they added on A LOT more pieces, which in turn ads a lot of cost. So she proposed printing the details on the pieces. Had we known this from the beginning, we likely would not have been able to afford the additional cost to make the pieces look exactly like our design files, and we probably would have opted for printing those details on the pieces anyways. So it was a little frustrating that this wasn't communicated to us initially, but no use crying over spilt milk and the end result will likely be the same.

Overall, while we spent a few days biting our nails and worried if we were in over our heads or had picked the wrong manufacturer, we're pleasantly surprised with what Mina's pulling off, and we're pretty stoked about how cool the minis are looking! Plus, gotta give to Mina, she has come a long way. The standees also look awesome but at the end of the day the minis are turning out awesome and we'll definitely be playing our personal Dungeon Royale games with the minis!!!

That's all for today folks but tune in for the next episode of the Adventures of Dungeon Royale.... or the Adventures of Mina the Manufacturer... or the Adventures of Boardgame Brad & Wes the Wizard... or whatever you want to call it...? We'll catch you on the flip side!

Much Love,


Brad and Wes